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Total Las Vegas

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Adult Ages 21+

Experience all of Las Vegas!

Join us for an epic day in Las Vegas featuring gambling, food, and happy hour drinks! Alongside your local guide you’ll try your luck at a few games of chance, sample some of the best food the city has to offer, and experience the classic Las Vegas found on Fremont Street – complete with happy hour drinks at some of the city’s coolest bars – all capped off by an unforgettable light show.

General Itinerary:

Las Vegas is a city unlike any other. It started as a sleepy western town in the middle of the desert and 100 years later, Vegas is now one of the most recognizable and visited destinations in the world. On top of being known for mind-blowing magic shows, bedazzled showgirls, a circus beyond imagination, and more, some highlights of any visit to Las Vegas continue to be trying your luck at a game of chance, dining experiences like no other, and experiencing the classic Las Vegas found on Fremont Street – complete with some drinks for happy hour!

Whether you’re a penny-slot player who enjoys the all-you-can-eat buffet and a beer or a whale at the poker table who only wants to dine with world-renowned chefs and drink specialty cocktails, there’s something for everyone. Come with us on a tour of Vegas gaming, food, and drinks! You’ll start by hearing about the history and evolution of gambling in Sin City, getting some insider info about a few of Vegas’ most iconic games, and then trying them yourself. Next, your guide will tap into the cultural and global influence of food in Vegas, while showcasing the epic views and creative spaces that make eating on the Strip a one-of-a-kind experience. Finally, we’ll show you some of the most iconic neon creations in Downtown Las Vegas, all while enjoying some happy hour sips and treats along Vegas’ classic Fremont Street. Trust us, a memorable day is in the cards.

Your tour starts outside the iconic Caesar’s Palace at a place millions pass, but few notice: the statue of Nike. If you’re not up on your Greek mythology, Nike is the Goddess of Victory. What could be a more fitting totem for the capital of gambling!? After hearing a bit about Vegas’ gaming history, you’ll head inside one of the mega hotels on The Strip to learn about the ever-present (yes, even in the airport) slot machines. These colorful, loud, and seemingly simple games have a culture all their own. From the superstitions of how to pick a winner, to the technology inside, to the psychological reaction we can’t help but have to them, your guide will give you the rundown on this iconic Vegas game. You’ll then have a chance to play them for yourself, after a tutorial by your guide. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pick the right one and hit the jackpot!

You’ll then head over to one of the more sophisticated hotels in town – a beautiful example of classic design and subtle elegance. This is where you’ll learn about one of the most exciting and, to some, intimidating games: craps. Craps evokes images of a tuxedo-clad James Bond, high energy betting, and cheering crowds, but for the uninitiated, this game can seem confusing or formidable. Your guide will give you all the info you need to feel confident placing bets along with the most seasoned gamblers. Of course, you’ll learn about the game-play and rules, but you’ll also get a crash course in the social etiquette of this fast-paced table game. Like with the slots, you’ll get a chance to gain valuable insight from your guide, and then try for yourself.

Next, it’s off to a hotel that’s truly “for the birds.” This hotel is vintage Vegas at its best and is still an incredible example of classic Las Vegas flair. Here, you’ll hear all about the not-so-secret ties of old Las Vegas to the mafia and men like Bugsy Siegel within a beautiful “hidden” garden. Your guide will also get a chance to show off a game of her/his choice. Try your hand at winning some of the unique or commemorative chips created especially for this property.

Finally, your guide will take you to experience one of the newest ways to enjoy gambling in Las Vegas. You’ll make your way to a hotel, casino, and shopping and entertainment promenade, incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike. Here’s where you’ll see the future of gaming. Not relegated to the casino floor, here, gambling gets a modern makeover with a fun, casual, millennial vibe. Classic table games and slots are played next to beer pong (an American college-kid favorite), while a live DJ mixes beats you can’t help but move to. This is where you’ll learn about and play the final game of your tour (your guide’s choice) – whether it’s another well-known game like Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, Roulette or a new addition, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep your poker face at this dynamic, distinctly modern casino.

After the first few hours of gaming, you’ll then have an hour to make your way, with your guide, to the starting point of the food portion of your tour. You’ll have a chance to take a leisurely walk down The Strip, taking in a few more sights and maybe grabbing a cool refreshment along the way. But skip the snacks – you’re about to enter the world of Las Vegas food!

The food portion of your tour starts at the home of the global food scene – New York, New York. No, you won’t be starting in actual Manhattan, but at the hotel designed to look like it! Las Vegas shares the distinction with NYC of being a global hub of imagination, inspiration, and creativity. Your first sample of food will tap into that global and cultural influence – right in the Nevada desert! Who ever thought that you could find the best sushi in the country, a modern food hall, authentic New York-style pizza all under the same roof? You’ll quickly learn that Vegas really is a foodie’s paradise.

The city of Las Vegas is one of the most famous brands in the world, and here on The Strip, you can find flagship stores of several brands that are recognized even in the most remote corners of the planet. Your next food stop will be highlighting the branding that has become a force of nature in Vegas. These brands know that Vegas is the perfect city to showcase their (and your) favorite products with unparalleled flair and imagination, including towering candy sculptures, sodas from other countries, or a taco-lovers dream wedding. You may think you know what these brands mean, but Vegas takes it to an entirely different level.

The food found on The Strip comes from all over the world, fits every budget, and always has an X-factor sure to stick in your memory (or on your Instagram feed!) Nothing says “Las Vegas” more than living that high roller life of indulgence and exclusivity, even if it’s just for a weekend. Your guide will show you the spots that serve epic vibes along with delicious flavors. Whether it’s being served by a robot bartender, discovering a secret pizza place, or a speakeasy hidden inside one of the most glamorous hotels, you’ll enjoy a bite or two at one of the coolest spots on The Strip at this next stop.

One thing is for sure, Las Vegas doesn’t lack for creativity, artistry, and production value. Everything in this desert oasis is designed to be a show, a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and seriously ‘Gram-worthy. For your next stop, your local Vegas guide will take you to see (and try) some of the most creative food in town. Enjoy a taste of Vegas where art and presentation take center stage.

Creativity is at the heart of any experience on The Strip. At your final food stop, enjoy a bite inside a creative space or have a drink with an epic view of the city. The options range from a Vegas-style beer garden, a view of the 4-story bar designed to look like a massive champagne flute, a taste of french pastries next to a mosaic wall, and beyond. Creative spaces on the Las Vegas Strip are unmistakably a signature of this dynamic city.

You’ll then head to the starting location of your happy hour tour with your guide. You’ll jump in a taxi, Uber, or rideshare and head from The Strip to Downtown Las Vegas. There’s an hour between the food part of your tour and happy hour, so you’ll have some time for a rest or to explore the area where you’ll start the final portion of your day with us – the awesome Container Park.

Your neon happy hour tour begins outside the incredible Downtown Container Park. This modern take on a shopping center is built entirely out of repurposed shipping containers, Container Park plays host to boutique shopping, delicious eateries, art galleries, a soaring playground, and concerts and programming throughout the year. After your guide gives you a brief intro to the tour and the fascinating Fremont Street area, you’ll head out – ready for some happy hour fun!

You’ll discover early on how the vivid lights of the neon got their start as you reach the El Cortez. This classic hotel and casino is one of the oldest in town (originally built in 1941), one of the few casinos offering a full array of coin-operated slots- just like the good ol’ days. It has a deep connection to the mafia presence in old Las Vegas – once owned by a group including Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky in 1945. If your guide decides to take you inside for your first drink, you’re in for a treat.

Next, you’ll then turn down East Fremont Street, boasting classic and modern neon signs and displays all along this street. Everywhere you look you’ll see the glow of the lights, as your guide points out special signs and his/her favorite designs along the way. There’s so much to see both on and just off of East Fremont: bars, breweries, pop-up art installations, classic Vegas icons, and some of the best people-watching in the world! Your guide will be sure to find a place for a drink that’s right up your alley. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get your drinks to-go – one of the unique experiences that Las Vegas allows.

As your guide leads you under the massive of lights of Fremont St., you’ll get a chance to pass by attractions such as the newly-opened Cannabis Museum, a neon wall, and a neon-themed wedding chapel. As you walk down the street, watch zip-liners soar over your head and marvel at a giant martini glass-shaped bar (formerly a pool!). Your guide will share the history behind some of the classic neon signs you’ll see along the way, including, of course, the world-famous Vegas Vic of the Pioneer. You’ll also pass by the iconic marquees of the Golden Nugget and Binions. Both these hotels have been featured in many movies set in Sin City, you’re sure to recognize them!

As part of your happy hour experience, you’ll enjoy a couple of happy hour drinks and a delicious snack with your guide. After drinks (or possibly with drink in hand). take it all in as you’ll pause for a few minutes to for a spectacular light show on the canopy strung above the street, the Fremont Street Experience. This dazzling production choreographs the over-1,500 feet of lights with music from both decades past and today – a must see for Las Vegas visitors.

At the end of your tour, there are so many options to continue your epic night in Downtown Vegas. Perhaps you’ll head inside a nearby hotel for a final drink, or maybe follow your guide’s recommendation for dinner. After the tour, you’re sure to be full of delicious memories, incredible stories and insights about Vegas and its place on the global food map, and maybe even some winnings from the bets you placed earlier in the day! Whatever your plans are, you’re sure to be radiating from your Best. Day. Ever.

Inclusions: Local English-speaking guide, food samples, 2 beverages, a small snack, and an Uber / Lyft ride.

Please Note: Food options and portion sizes will vary depending where we stop that day, however the total amount of food included will be equal to a full meal.

Exclusions: Additional food and drinks, souvenirs and personal shopping, tips/gratuities for your guide.

-Please dress comfortably and casually for warm or hot desert weather and wear comfortable shoes for walking.
-This tour runs year-round and will proceed rain or shine unless such weather constitutes a dangerous situation.
-In the event of road or attraction closures, your guide will do their best to work around the obstacles or take your tour to alternate locations.
-There will be opportunities for you to try the casino games highlighted on this tour, so we highly recommend bringing cash (USD) along with you. There are ATMs within the casinos, but getting cash while on the tour will eat up some of your playing time.
-This tour is 21+ only. You must bring government-issued photo ID as proof of age. Passports and/or driver’s licenses are acceptable.
-We can accommodate vegetarians and other dietary restrictions. Please notify us in advance if you have any dietary requests. You can do so in the ‘Additional information’ box at checkout, or by emailing us at [email protected]

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