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Italian Market Immersion

Quick Details

Child Ages 6-12
Child Under 6

Discover Philly’s Italian Market

Hit the country’s oldest and largest everyday open-air market for some authentic, Philly foodie action. Sample a few nibbles, then fill your shopping bag with cheeses, chocolates, deli items, and baked goods, and connect with the merchants and personalities that have shaped the character of this street for generations.

General Itinerary:

Starting at the always-colorful South Street, head off with your local guide through the neighborhood of Bella Vista in South Philly. Grab a drink at a local coffee shop and see one of the city’s great murals located across from a typical neighborhood park. Swing by a historic deli, duck into a tempting bakery and stroll along Christian Street before getting to the noises, aromas and sights of the famous Italian Market of Philadelphia or, more accurately, 9th Street Market.

The market is the oldest and largest everyday open-air market in the USA, and it’s easy to understand why it is one of Philly’s must-see attractions. With your local guide leading the way, explore the huge variety of stores located here, many of which are Italian in heritage. Tempt taste buds as you wander past cheeses, chocolates, spices and olive oils. Discover bakeries, butchers and a myriad of other produce stalls, plus a wonderful kitchen store. And don’t worry, if the temptation to purchase becomes too great, you’re likely to get a bargain, as many of these stores discount for our travelers. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to talk to some of the owners and employees of these shops and stalls, and hear fascinating stories of the development of this area over the years.

After leaving the Market, cross over the main intersection and head towards a variety of Mexican stores. If this area looks familiar, it’s probably because it was here that Rocky ran through the streets on one of his famous training runs. Nearby, you’ll also see a selection of Asian stores, brimming with aromas and sights that are sure to delight the senses.

Continue on for another block or two and arrive at the intersection made famous by local restaurants Pat’s and Geno’s, where you’ll be able to choose between their competing Philly cheesesteaks. Select your toppings, with or without onions, and what cheese you’d like. Pull up a seat on the street and enjoy a quintessential Philly culinary experience. It’s a delicious way to end your market walking tour.

Inclusions: Some food samples (depending on availability).
Exclusions: Personal shopping, additional food and drink, gratuity.

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