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French Quarter Food Tour

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Adult Ages 12+
Child Under 12
Child Under 6

Explore the Tastes of the French Quarter

Dig into the rich and varied flavors that make New Orleans famous for its cuisine. From the most famous local haunts to delectable hidden gems, you leave with not only a full stomach, but also a greater understanding of how New Orleans food, culture, and history all go hand-in-hand.

Your culinary tour of New Orleans starts where it all began — the banks of the Mississippi River. From here, witness the lifeblood of this region, which brought new cultures, new influences, and new ingredients through its ports.

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To wake up your taste buds, we indulge in New Orleans’ most iconic breakfast pastry, the beignet. While it looks hard to pronounce, it’s definitely not hard to love. Just make sure you watch the direction of the wind, or else you might find yourself covered in sweet powdered-sugar goodness!

Next, we head to the French Market, the site of America’s oldest public market. Historically a place of diversity with products and people from all walks of life, today the French Market is a modern yet unique culinary space. Stop for a local bite and get to know some of the colorful personalities that call this city home.

From the French Market, you embark on the picturesque streets of the French Quarter, where your guide takes you to some of their favorite palate-pleasing spots. You sample both a classic New Orleans dish as well as a delicacy that you’ve probably never seen outside Cajun country. With an abundance of seafood, a fertile eco-system within the bayou, and a history of spice trade, you begin to realize why everything here tastes so good.

Do you have an affinity for the spicier side? Then adopt the ‘when-in-Rome’ attitude and try out your taste buds on some of Louisiana’s hottest and tastiest sauces. This is the birthplace of Tabasco, after all.

On this tour, you’ll have the chance to try a dish that sparks more controversy amongst chefs than any other in New Orleans– gumbo. Learn how hundreds of years of history has shaped this recipe and how it can vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Finally, we will finish off with a sweet treat made from locally grown sugarcane and the region’s abundant pecans. No room for more? Don’t worry, they don’t call it the Big Easy for nothing. You can take your praline to-go and indulge when your sweet tooth kicks in.

Inclusions: Local English speaking guide and food samples. Food options and portion sizes vary — total amount of food equals a full meal.

Exclusions: Additional food and drink, souvenirs, tips and gratuities for the guide

Why Book a Private Tour?

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